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Albums is the ultimate photo and video manager for iOS. Albums makes it easy and fun to secure, organize, and play back both public and private media and even documents on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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Albums comes in two varieties: Albums features full photo, video and document management and playback. Private Albums adds advanced privacy features.

Read on for a partial feature list. Be sure to read the extensive documentation, and watch the videos to see Albums in action!

Import & Export
Wireless transfer items to/from your computer using a web browser.
Transfer items to/from a custom Dropbox folder.
Copy photos and videos to/from Photos, preserving EXIF metadata.
Transfer items to/from your computer with iTunes.
Import and expand zip, RAR, CBZ, and CBR files.
Automatically create albums matching your Dropbox folders, Photos albums, or the folder structure of your imported folders, zips, or RARs.
Attach items to emails.
Copy and paste.
Open items in other apps.
User Accounts
Create custom acounts with independent media libraries, settings, and passwords.
Create hidden accounts that are only revealed with a secret gesture.
Create decoy accounts.
Each account can hold thousands of images, videos, and documents.
Transfer content between accounts.
View all iOS-compatible photo and video formats, and common document formats: PDF, Office, etc.
Animated GIF support.
Organize your photos, videos, and documents into custom albums.
Customize album cover images.
Nest albums to any depth. See child album content when viewing parent albums.
Smart albums auto-populate based on your criteria, including all the sort criteria below and more.
Order by drag-and-drop, or sort by title, media type, rating, import time, creation date, file size, resolution, aspect ratio, video duration, last viewed, or view count.
Grid and list views.
View metadata and edit titles, ratings, and keywords.
Bulk assign titles, ratings, and keywords.
Search instantly on titles and keywords you've assigned.
Customize video thumbnails and extract stills from movie frames.
Mix photos and videos.
Pinch and double tap zoom on both images and videos.
Shuffle option.
Quickly jump to any slide.
Loop, continue to next slide, or pause when videos end.
Remembers your place in videos over 5 minutes long.
10 second jump video buttons - hold down to seek forward or back.
Slow and fast motion video playback.
AirPlay H.264 videos.
TV out support (iPad & iPhone 4+).
Document View
Full-screen viewer for common document formats.
Pinch and double tap zoom.
Innocent name and icon on device.
Hidden accounts that are revealed with a secret gesture.
Hardware content encryption when data protection is enabled.
Add a password or PIN code to any account.
Log in with TouchID.
Assign a decoy password that will lead to the guest account.
Hack attempt actions: open guest account or delete your account after 5 failed password attempts.
Disable iTunes and iCloud backups on any account.
Boss Button gesture instantly hides activity.