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Read the documentation to learn about all aspects of each app. This detailed documents comprehensively explores the feature sets these programs offer. You can read the document sequentially, or use the table of contents to jump to sections explaining individual features.


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Stash & Album FAQ

Help, I can't remember my password! Your password is stored securely in your device's keychain and nowhere else. There is also no way to enter the account without the password. If you truly can't remember your password, your only recourse is to delete the account and create a new one. You will lose the account's contents.
How do I reveal my hidden accounts in Stash or Private Albums? Use the secret gesture on the accounts list screen to reveal hidden accounts, edit existing accounts, and add new accounts.
The three-finger tap isn't working! Please follow the instructions in the secret gesture documentation carefully. The gesture does work.
I get a Denied Access error when I try to import from Photos. Apple requires that you grant apps access to your photos through Settings. See the documentation for details and instructions on enabling photo access.
Nothing happens when I tap Import from iTunes. This typically means one of two things: either the file might not be supported, or there might be a communication error between your device and iTunes. To delete an unsupported file, highlight it in iTunes and press the delete key on your keyboard. If you suspect a communications error, try re-attaching your device and/or restarting the device and iTunes.
If I purchase all the Stash Free upgrades, do I have the paid version of Stash? Effectively, yes.
How do I transfer files into Stash? Your can read about all the ways to import content in the documentation.
Is my content encrypted? This depends on how your device is configured. See Content Encryption in the documentation.
Is my content backed up? Yes, as long as you haven't disabled the backups setting in your account's settings.
How do I download content from Stash's browser? The Downloads section of the documentation covers browser downloads.
Why doesn't Stash or Albums have feature X? We are always looking for ways to improve our apps. Please contact us with any feature suggestions you may have.